Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy is truly astounding. It helps us bypass all the conscious defences and shields that are stopping us from understanding ourselves and moving forward with our lives.  


Using Hypnotherapy, I can help you overcome: 


My approach is to use Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, a gentle and supportive form of therapy.

  • ANXIETY: If you want to overcome Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Attacks or just a very general sense of Anxiety, I can help you. I can teach you to understand the true sources of the anxiety, find your safe space, and how to calm yourself down. Overcoming anxiety spontaneously happens when we truly understand what worries us, and can put that worry into context. 
  • CONFIDENCE: I will take you deep inside yourself, so you can see your true motivations, your talents and gifts and the amazing person you can truly become.
  • SLEEP: I will teach you how to sleep longer and deeper, how to feel safe while you sleep and how to reframe the process so that sleep becomes a nourishing and energising part of your life.
  • WEIGHT: There are Parts of our Subconscious that impel us to either over-eat or under-eat because in some way, they feel it protects us. I will help you to teach your Subconscious to come to a new understand of what you need to stay healthy and to feel comfortable in your body. 
  • TRAUMA: I provide a safe and caring environment in which we can explore trauma (or suspected trauma) and come to a place where you feel empowered to move beyond it. There is a powerful unwinding and releasing we experience once we have confronted trauma and realised that it does not define us.


Past Life Regression is a powerful form of transpersonal hypnotherapy that brings you into contact with your Superconscious mind. This unlocks profound and often life changing insights that can expand and positively change the course of your life. I offer this service for those who are searching for deeper answers to who they are and why they are here. It can also offer deeper perspectives on why we are going through certain experiences and traumas.


I am also a Therapist for TURNING POINT, a Residential Intensive Healing Retreat offered by the Verziere Sanctum Hypnotherapy School in Tuscany, Italy. 

Would you like a free 15 min chat with me to find out more about what Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy can do for you? No obligations, no hard sale. Email me at: jamie@jamiercarroll.com and I will call you.