You want to attract money to your business. This service releases your business from negative energies or spirits and gives it the right energy for attracting new customers.

Prices vary depending on the size of the business and on if the clearing is in-person or virtual (more detail provided).

Why Do it?

All business owners and their employees release energy into their business. If the business has a physical location, there could have been many businesses that previously occupied that location (especially if it is an old building). If those businesses failed, or if there was resentment or arguments in the business, this negative energy will have seeped into the walls of the premises. Energy goes everywhere, so it can also affect the feel of a business website. Negative energy blocks businesses from making a positive connection with potential customers.

Many people get their business premises (and / or websites) cleared in order to attract more customers and money.


In person clearings cost between £200 for a small business or £450 for a larger premises.

Virtual clearings cost £150 for a small business and £300 for a larger premises.

Website clearings cost £75.

Payment is by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. If you would like a business energy clearing please email me at: 

How Does It Work?

Depending on the size of the business, Energy Cleansing can last up to 2 hours.

Either working with you remotely or in-person (see below), I will send energy through your business, blasting out any blockages or pockets of negative energy that I encounter. The energy is pushed out of your property and outside into the ground safely away from other businesses or properties. You can be inside or away from the property while I do this.

The process only wipes away negative emotional energy, energy that you want to let go of. It does not affect the positive vibrations within the business.

Remote or In Person

In Person clearings are room by room, and more intense. I tend to spend more time cleansing desks or business equipment. Therefore I charge more for these.

Virtual clearings involve me blasting the entire building. I will tend to do these in sessions of an hour spread over 2 days. I will then email you a report of my findings. There is no such thing as distance on the spirit plane. If I work remotely, I am essentially astral traveling to your business.

Your Privacy

While I am working, I am only focused on non-physical energy. For in person clearings, I am more than happy for someone to accompany me around the premises if they prefer. I just ask that they stay silent and stand behind me.

For virtual clearings, I just need to have a reasonable view of the business from the outside (photos or Google Maps will do).