Many people get their homes cleared of negative energy when they move in for the first time, or periodically if they want to “make a fresh start” with their environment. Prices vary depending on the size of the home and on if the clearing is in-person or virtual (more detail provided).


Why Do it?

All homes have an energy. This, as much as the architecture and layout of a house or apartment, is what attracts us to certain living spaces and makes us feel uncomfortable in others. This energy has been inherited from the energy projected by the occupants. If a home is very old, and it has never been cleansed, it will have accumulated a lot of energy. It is likely a fair amount of that energy is negative. Over periods of time the negative energy projected outwards in the home during stressful situations or during a fight gets stuck within household objects like furniture, and within the walls. It can also manifest as ghosts. We sense that energy in the home. So even if our auras our cleansed, if we are constantly rubbing up against negative, heavy, energy, we are affected. This makes the home feel unloved and unwelcoming and it can affect our mood when we are inside.

Many people get their homes cleansed when they move in for the first time, or if they want to “make a fresh start” with their environment.


In person clearings cost between £200 for a flat or £450 for a large house.

Virtual clearings cost £150 for a flat and £300 for a large house.

Payment is by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer. If you would like a home energy clearing please email me at: jamie@jamiercarroll.com 

How Does It Work?

Depending on the size of the home, Energy Cleansing can last up to 2 hours.

Either working with you remotely or in-person (see below), I will send energy through your property, blasting out any blockages or pockets of negative energy that I encounter. The energy is blasted out of your property and outside into the ground. If you live in a flat or apartment I will send the energy out of the window and down the into ground that way. I never send the energy straight down through the floor to the occupants below. You can be inside or away from the property while I do this.

The process only wipes away negative emotional energy, energy that you want to let go of. It does not affect the positive vibrations within the house.

Remote or In Person

In Person clearings are room by room, and more intense. I tend to spend more time cleansing furniture items like beds and couches. Therefore I charge more for these.

Virtual clearings involve me blasting the entire building. I will tend to do these in sessions of an hour spread over 2 days. I will then email you a report of my findings. There is no such thing as distance on the spirit plane. If I work remotely, I am essentially astral traveling to your home.

Your Privacy

While I am working, I don’t need to see inside your drawers or cupboards. I am only focused on non-physical energy. Therefore also cannot see you using the bathroom, showering, having sex or any intimidate activity.

For virtual clearings, I just need to have a reasonable view of the home or flat from the outside.

For in person clearings, I just need to be able to see into every room of the house. I am not interested in the content of the rooms, I am only interested in the energy.