A form of therapy that takes a person back to the origins of trauma and explores events of the past.  This process brings new perspectives and healings about prior events.


Many emotional problems stem from beliefs and fears that are stored in the Subconscious – a part of our mind like a vast warehouse, where we absorb all the messages from from our family, friends, society, culture, and background AND where we store the memories of unpleasant and traumatic events that our Conscious mind chooses to forget or block. The problem starts whenever our conscious mind gets overwhelmed or tired, (which is frequently). At that point the negative beliefs or experiences stored in the Subconscious mind can take over and drive our conscious behaviour. Survival strategies, “unexplained” anger or rage, panic attacks and deep depression all stem from unprocessed messaging and experiences in the Subconscious.

Regression Hypnotherapy is a process of gently putting a person into a deeply calm, concentrated and receptive state. In this altered state of consciousness, the person can access and explore their own Subconscious for what happened in the past. They are not consciously trying to remember (the Conscious mind blocks this) but just allowing through what the Subconscious knows you need to know. Once the person has accessed the relevant memories their mind offers up its own solutions for reframing the experiences, and their personal beliefs around those beliefs, into more positive ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

Hypnotherapy is not sleep. The client is always fully aware and fully in control. They can stop the session at any time and will never be forced to reveal or discuss anything that they want to keep private.

A session usually lasts between 90 minutes to 2 hours. If a follow up session is required, this will usually last an hour and cost £80.