Basically I am a healer and transformational coach. My role is clearing the way for your healing and self-discovery. I’ve probably been doing it for many life-times.

My interest in healing started back in 2003, when I accidentally discovered a very modern healer (I would call him a Shaman) who cured some minor brain damage in my brain with cutting edge light and sound technology (he also taught me to see Auras). He set the template for the type of person I wanted to be. So I also felt inspired to help people but wasn’t ready until around age 40. At that point I started to ease my way out of my conventional job and, after training in counselling and a life coaching programme, started offering those services.

I then expanded and deepened my understanding of the mind, by training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. I have found these are such powerful tools for really uncovering the Soul wound and activating healing.

I also include astrology as a service. My fascination in the subject started after a reading in 2013 (I say more under the Astrology section); and although I didn’t demonstrate any psychic leanings as a child, I became convinced after that first reading that I should study it. I started teaching myself, before training with some top class astrologers. While I was doing this, I also trained at the College of Psychic Studies, where I first became aware of the importance of the Energy Body. In exercises with fellow students, I realised I could reach out and actually feel the edges of their Aura. I wasn’t sure how to make use of this skill – until years later I trained with an Exorcist and Energy Clearer, who showed me how to clear energy. I now wrap this skill in when dealing with clients who may have negative attachments or energy in their environment that is holding them back. 

It is customary for mental health workers or spiritual people to say that the main reason they do the job is because of the satisfaction they take from helping others. I also resonate with that sentiment. But the truth is some Higher Intelligence or Source also impels me to do this work. And I believe they have ordered me to do it because I know how to do it really well. 

What I Offer

I offer a range of powerful modalities: Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Energy Work. I also use talk therapy and CBT. What I use depends on what you want and need.

I offer Astrology readings to help you understand yourself, your relationships and situation better, and help you prepare for opportunities coming down the track. 

If you have a Phobia, Depression or Anxiety we will help you move beyond it with Hypnotherapy combined with a structured CBT style therapy and / or Past Life Regression. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression really go after the Soul Wound and the traumas that can be deeply embedded within the body.

You might be seeking answers about who you are and your purpose in life. In this case I will help you find answers from your Past Lives or from experiences in the womb. 

For those who are open to it, I also use Energy Work to clear their energy bodies and rid their homes or businesses of negative energy.

With some clients I will use a combination of these techniques. We are all individuals and we all respond differently to different approaches.  




Ever since I received a life-changing astrological reading in 2013, I’ve been fascinated by astrology. At that stage I was going through a really rough patch in my life both personally and professionally and was at a crisis point and a cross-roads.  

That first consultation will always stick in my mind. Without asking for any information, the astrologer confidently informed me that I had quit my job at the end of November (correct) and got divorced in March (also correct). How did he know this? I asked myself. He also went on to tell me that I was about to receive a job offer that very month (he was again correct, I’d been offered a role just a few days prior to the consultation). And he warned me that the working environment I was going into was very unstable, but that I would thrive there. This prediction was also borne out by events.

But as impressed as I was with the astrologer’s knowledge of my undisclosed biography, I was even more impressed with his insights into how my mind worked. He seemed to know what stresses I had been under during my marriage, what my mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses were. He gave me so much to think about and work with. I left that session understanding that the challenges I was experiencing were part of a cycle, they had a higher purpose and they weren’t going to last indefinitely.  My entire perspective had changed for the better. This is how powerful astrology can be. A few years after that fateful reading, with transiting Uranus on my Sun, accelerating my learning,  I would train with that same astrologer, and other exceptional astrologers, and soak up so many of the secrets and skills of astrology.

Astrology’s precision as a tool for helping clients know themselves better, heal and prepare for the future still awes and excites me today as an astrologer. We humans have free will, and are capable of tremendous change, and growth and course correction. But modern society has forgotten that the planets and the stars also have a major hand in our destiny. They are steering us towards the opportunities and challenges which we set ourselves before birth. An imaginative and responsive approach to these nudges from the stars can help us to live a fuller life and gain a deeper understanding of what we are learning. I hope you will allow me to help you unlock some of the magical insights which sit within your astrological natal chart.

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy is truly astounding. It helps us bypass all the conscious defences and shields that are stopping us from understanding ourselves and moving forward with our lives.  

Transpersonal Approach

I often use Transpersonal Hypnotherapy with clients. Which means that I would help you, when you are within a trance state, to find the answers to your questions and challenges from within yourselves. We are trusting your inner wisdom. Deep learning happens when we listen to the Subconscious, and understand the assumptions and beliefs we have stored there which have been driving our decisions and fears without us really realising. The conversation with the Subconscious either directly or through Parts of our psyche (Parts Therapy) instructs us on what we have to do to heal ourselves.  

This is a different approach from directive hypnotherapy where the client expects the hypnotherapist to have the answers and to implant new behaviours in their mind.  I find that Transpersonal hypnotherapy is usually a more powerful approach for creating sustainable mental and behavioural change.

Past Life Regression

Sometimes the Subconscious mind doesn’t have the answers to where and why a trauma originated. This may mean that the problem is not biographical and not perinatal (the time in the womb and the birthing process) but goes back even further. In those cases,  I would recommend we explore past lives. Past Life Regression is a powerful form of transpersonal hypnotherapy that brings you into contact with your Superconscious mind. This unlocks profound and often life changing insights that can expand and positively change the course of your life. 

Alongside Hypnotherapy, I also offer talk therapy, CBT,  dream therapy and other methodologies. Usually the process of working with me will involve us using a combination of methodologies. The final goal is to bring balance and cooperation between your Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious minds.

I gained my IACT certification in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression after learning from the Newton Institute’s leading hypnotherapists Paul Aurand and Allison Axinn.