Ever since I received a life-changing astrological reading in 2013, I’ve been fascinated by astrology. At that stage I was going through a really rough patch in my life both personally and professionally and was at a crisis point and a cross-roads.  

That first consultation will always stick in my mind. Without asking for any information, the astrologer confidently informed me that I had quit my job at the end of November (correct) and got divorced in March (also correct). How did he know this? I asked myself. He also went on to tell me that I was about to receive a job offer that very month (he was again correct, I’d been offered a role just a few days prior to the consultation). And he warned me that the working environment I was going into was very unstable, but that I would thrive there. This prediction was also borne out by events.

But as impressed as I was with the astrologer’s knowledge of my undisclosed biography, I was even more impressed with his insights into how my mind worked. He seemed to know what stresses I had been under during my marriage, what my mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses were. He gave me so much to think about and work with. I left that session understanding that the challenges I was experiencing were part of a cycle, they had a higher purpose and they weren’t going to last indefinitely.  My entire perspective had changed for the better. This is how powerful astrology can be. A few years after that fateful reading, with transiting Uranus on my Sun, accelerating my learning,  I would train with that same astrologer, and other exceptional astrologers, and soak up so many of the secrets and skills of astrology.

Astrology’s precision as a tool for helping clients know themselves better, heal and prepare for the future still awes and excites me today as an astrologer. We humans have free will, and are capable of tremendous change, and growth and course correction. But modern society has forgotten that the planets and the stars also have a major hand in our destiny. They are steering us towards the opportunities and challenges which we set ourselves before birth. An imaginative and responsive approach to these nudges from the stars can help us to live a fuller life and gain a deeper understanding of what we are learning. I hope you will allow me to help you unlock some of the magical insights which sit within your astrological natal chart.

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