Astrology & Tarot

The benefits of a reading

Sometimes it is important to get a decision right, or to know what challenges are coming up, or to get your insights on a situation validated. Astrology is fantastic for situations like these. 

It is amazing how often it accurately predicts what events and circumstances are coming and when. And it can also go back as far as you want to go to explain events that have already happened.

While astrology is a symbolic language, Tarot is a language of pictures. And a picture speaks a thousand words. In my readings I will often include tarot alongside the astrology because it adds extra textures and richness. 

My readings are gentle, compassionate and empathetic. My role is ultimately to offer impartial advice and show you the myriad possibilities you have to shape your destiny and improve your life.

Astrology - a brief history

Most people don’t realise that astrology is really ancient, going back to the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Babylonians. The wise people in those societies noted that when the planets and stars were in certain positions in the sky, it would herald or coincide with major events like wars, political turmoil, famines, floods, earthquakes. Soon kings and rulers were calling on their services.

Gradually astrologers invented the natal chart to take into account of what was going on at the individual level. A natal chart time-stamps, at the moment you are born, where the planets are located in the sky.  This is incredibly important because astrologers can then begin to predict what events are going to happen in your life and how you may respond to them. 


Images from some of the Tarot decks I use for readings:
The Thoth Deck, Tarot of the Spirit, and Rider Waite Smith

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