Therapy is deep transformation


What we call our “self” is actually a composite of many selves or parts. At different times, depending on our external or emotional circumstances, different parts dominate our personality. Often these parts are at odds with one another, and we find ourselves scared to do something or stuck in a pattern of behaviour even when another part of us is saying “I want to change”.  Often these parts are Subconscious and we find our composite self is effectively being run by one or more of them – as if we are on autopilot.

Hypnotherapy is truly astounding. It takes us straight to the Subconscious (or Superconscious) where so much information about our parts is stored. This helps us bypass all the conscious defences and shields that are stopping us from understanding ourselves and moving forward with our lives.  

Hypnotherapy is gentle, supportive and collaborative, the perfect vehicle for helping you to relax and become receptive to new possibilities and potentials.

Talk Therapy

I often combine Therapy with Hypnosis. But every client is unique and will have their own balance of operating in their intellect, their bodies and their emotions. Some respond better to talk therapy and / or CBT style approaches.

To me, the key thing during therapy is that you feel safe and you feel heard. Ultimately I want you to have a deeper relationship with yourself, and to activate the highest parts of yourself. Sessions may include breath-work (based on Kriya Yoga), visualisations, journalling, working with archetypes and neglected parts of ourselves.

Roberto Assagioli created a form of psychotherapy called Psychosynthesis. This was the first therapy school to assert that we have a wiser Higher SELF inside ourselves that we should be tuning into. I will be encouraging you to listen to your Higher SELF as part of teaching yourself to heal.  

I am working towards an MA in Psychosynthesis and I use some of its techniques and insights within talk therapy sessions with clients.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression ‒ or PLR for short ‒ is exactly what it says. It is a regression under hypnosis to experience lives that we have had before this life.

This encounter with the Superconscious mind never fails to unlock profound and often life changing insights that can expand and positively change the course of your life. I offer this service for those who are searching for deeper answers to who they are and why they are here. It can also offer deeper perspectives on why we are going through certain experiences and traumas.

PLRs started to become “a thing” back in the 1960s and 1970s as free-thinking and pioneering psychologists and psychiatrists, working separately, started to take the emerging PLR phenomena seriously. Many of the earliest therapists in this field, like Michael Newton and Brien Weiss, were simply looking to treat their patients’ symptoms with clinical hypnosis. They didn’t believe in, or have any personal view on, reincarnation and past lives. But they were forced to confront the phenomenon as their clients under hypnosis started reporting vivid experiences from other lives. I learned PLR from Paul Aurand, the President of The Newton Institute (TNI).

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I will use any of the approaches above to guide you through and beyond: