Covid-19 Pt 3: Uranus in Taurus

In my previous Covid blogs I have spoken at length about the Triple Conjunction. The fundamental point was the current close grouping of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sky (relative to the earth’s position) is the astrological underlying cause of the pandemic.

But another significant astrological transit is also currently occurring at the same time: Uranus in Taurus. I think both these transits, operating together, and building on the dynamic created by Covid-19, will radically change the way our society operates, by changing our global economy. This blog explores the longer-term global economic impact of both astrological transitsin more detail.

The Triple Conjunction

We are already seeing the global economic consequences of Covid and the Triple Conjunction: an acceleration along the path of public (and corporate) debt especially within the biggest economies: America, China, Japan and the European Union. All the biggest economies tipping into or on the precipice of recession.

But to what purpose? I believe Covid is forcing us to put our increased attention as global citizens on systemic global economic problems that previously the global elites either didn’t want to engage in or wanted us to ignore.

These include : (1) how the world (especially the richest countries) is spending beyond its means; (2) how the value of money (currencies) is being eroded by “Quantitative Easing”; (3) why should the richest 1% still keep getting richer?; (4) Is the relentless drive for increasing productivity the only way we can measure happiness?

Covid and its consequences for national debts, national budgets and employment, is making these questions more urgent than ever.

My sense is that Covid will certainly peak again from around the 5 October until 20 December. Then around 14 February 2021, I suspect there will be a vaccine breakthrough which is globally accepted (not counting the news recently of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine, which still needs to undergo tests). After February, Covid will still be with us but I think its psychological impact on populations will lessen. It will then gradually stop being the centre of news cycles and by 2024 we will be fully over the worst of it.

Uranus In Taurus

In March 2019, Uranus moved into Taurus, where it will stay until 2026. This is also a very significant astrological transit. Taurus rules food, agriculture, the beauty industry, money and the financial markets. Taurus is a practical, steady sign that prefers stability and the known. Operating at its lowest frequencies, it bitterly resists change. Uranus is the Revolutionary, the lightning bolt that shakes up everywhere that it strikes.

Uranus in Taurus – this is not an easy combination. But essentially what Uranus will be doing is revolutionising the role that money and food production plays in the global economy. Uranus in Taurus isn’t the astrological transit causing Covid, but it is using the effects of the pandemic to accelerate change.

So what is the purpose of these two astrological events? I see them working together to force us to drop outdated modes of food production, economic goals and financial structures. I see them accelerating us towards more efficient and honed ways of feeding ourselves, preserving our water supplies, and using technology.

So with these two astrological transits in play, and with Uranus in Taurus until 2026, what can we expect to happen as a consequence? Here are some of my predictions (based on a combination of astrological and psychic work):

  • Bitcoin will become a major rival to the US dollar by the end of this decade. It will become a safe haven for those living in countries with failing currencies. That said, I do not see a US dollar crash in the next 10 years (despite some gloomy online predictions that it will). Nor do I see the US defaulting on their debt before 2030.
  • The continued rise of Bitcoin will spread the idea of decentralised currencies to the masses. This will prompt raise the issue of currency manipulation up the agenda among populations in the West and beyond. For the first time, by 2030 we will see the US and European governments having public-facing, transparent, conversations about monetary reform.
  • In 2034, Bitcoin will experience some form of major event that will either cement it as the primary safe haven currency or see a replacement cryptocurrency supplant it.* (*For the astrologers: BTC undergoes a “Loosening of the Bonds” moment in 2034).
  • China’s character and “global brand”, will come under increasing scrutiny from December 2020 onwards once Donald Trump wins re-election. China will have three difficult testing years on the world stage where it will feature as the lightning rod for a lot of negative stories and criticism. This will coincide with China being at its most aggressive in July 2021, Feb 2022 and June 2023. The potential for small scale incidents along its borders and diplomatic flashpoints will be at its highest at these times.
  • Western companies will continue to seek to repatriate supply chains and reduce dependency on China. The political pressure on China will intensify still further around August 2027 (when Pluto sits on its Ascendant).
  • December 2023 – December 2026: China will experience a severe economic slow-down. From around mid-May 2025 until April 2026 China’s President and the government will come under severe pressure from disaffected Chinese citizens. May lead to significant economic and socio-political concessions by the Party.
  • China 2028: China will be going through a significant “re-birthing” process starting in 2028 running over until 2030. I sense there could be major economic and political problems in the country around that time that will eventually lead it into a dramatically new democratic course. It will become reintegrated back into the global economy.
  • There will be an explosion from 2026 onwards of virtual reality devices as more and more of our lifestyle takes place within a VR bubble.
  • Russian food shortages will lead the country to pioneer a revolution in eco-friendly but safe food production.
  • New “definitions” within our culture of what we consider “ideal beauty”. Old paradigms won’t be overthrown, but the beauty industry, in response to social media, will be extensively promoting male and female types and looks (based on skin colour, body shape, ethnicity, hair styles) which had previously been overlooked. 
  • Real Estate: New technologies for mass construction of cheap and more affordable housing will be far more widely available by 2030.
  • Although not directly ruled by Taurus, I also feel that Global Pension Funds and Life Insurance will undergo a revolution in the next 5-10 years. Covid-19 will drive a dramatic review by pension companies of their liabilities. Future pension payouts will shrink, but there will be a global pull from more and more citizens around the world to contribute to a pension fund. The system will feel fairer.