Moon Signs

This short blog is all about our Astrological Moon Signs.

Moon Signs?

Everyone knows their Sun Sign. But fewer people are aware that we also have a Moon Sign. And for many of us it is different from our Sun Sign.
So What’s the Difference?
In astrology, your Sun Sign is what is popularly known as your “star sign”. The Sun represents our sense of self, our Ego and what we want. It’s the way we feel most comfortable navigating life.
Our Moon Sign is what we need. Because it has no light of its own, (unlike our Sun Sign), it is often hidden from us until we decide to take notice of it. It is one of the planets that represents a part of our subconscious – the patterns we learned in childhood. 
The Moon tells us about the nurturing we received in childhood, how as children we perceived our mother and what patterns we default back to in times of stress and challenge.
The Moon Gives Us New Information
Moon signs are fascinating because of the extra information they tell us about ourselves and others.
It’s all very well knowing you are a Sagittarius Sun and you want to spend much of your life travelling the world, but if you have a Cancer Moon then the chances are you are probably going to want to be coming home to see the family pretty regularly. Even when you’re travelling the world you may spend your life obsessing about what you mum did – or didn’t – do right or wrong!

Or your new partner might appear to be a very down to earth, practical, Virgo Sun, but if he is a Gemini Moon then be patient with him because he is probably going to quickly get bored with routines (like tidying the house) and with any talk about his emotions….

Your friend’s a Taurus Sun – grounded, good with earning money. Great! But she’s also a Pisces moon, so in times of stress she is going to retreat into her own little world, and may well spend money like water!

Things are never as simple as they first seem are they?
Moon Sign Qualities
All Moon Signs have positive and negative sides, just like any archetype. Just picking some Moons at random, here are some of the traits:
Pisces Moons – So Creative, at their best they are connected to the divine and on another level of awareness. Manifesting their shadow side, Pisces Moons turn to addiction as a way to escape life’s problems.
Scorpio Moons – On the positive side have remarkable strength and focus. An emotional need to dig deep into what people are thinking or doing. On the negative side: their emotional “needs” becomes obsession and control freakery. If they show up to see a therapist you can bet that they have had extremely difficult childhoods.
Aries Moons – Regardless of what they say, and their outward behaviour, Aries Moons need to be number one. Highly competitive and impatient with their emotions. Often need to express rage! Brilliant at taking charge of situations.
Libra Moons – the polar opposite of Aries Moons. Superb at putting themselves in other people’s shoes. They have a need to empathise, be diplomatic and smooth out problems. The downside of this is feeling they need to charm and please everyone around them, and feeling rejected every time they get into a conflict with their loved one.

And here are some famous people with a little detail about their Moon Signs:

BETTY FORD: Former First Lady and wife of US President Ford. Aries Sun but a Pisces Moon. Left her mark (and arguably a far greater legacy than her husband) by setting up the Betty Ford substance abuse clinics. She famously suffered from alcohol and substance abuse herself, before overcoming them.

MEGHAN: Leo Sun – how could anybody guess? Don’t bet against her one day being Queen of the Solar System. But her Libra Moon softens the picture somewhat. Behind closed doors, she is highly romantic and feels insecure about being alone. Outward manifestations of the Libra Moon are getting very upset by (perceived!) unfairness and slights – but also the strong empathy.

EDGAR CAYCE, one of the most famous psychics of the twentieth Century. Known as the “Sleeping Prophet”, Cayce was a Pisces Sun and a Taurus Moon. He often gave his readings while lying on a couch – Taurus Moon’s have a need for comfort – allowing spirit to work through him. Neptune near his Moon ramped up the psychic gifts.

OSHO: famous, flamboyant and controversial Sagittarian Spiritual Leader in India and the USA.  His epitaph is pure Sag: “Never Born, Never Died, Only Visited This Planet Earth”. But the soul having a human experience also felt the pull of a Capricorn Moon. So he was highly ambitious, serious (despite the wonderful dry sense of humour), and founded a movement which set up Ashrams in Pune and Oregon.

CHER: Singer, Actress, Television Personality and all round talent. Venus (under her Taurus Sun) gives her the artistry. But her Capricorn Moon pushes her on and gives her the grit, determination and ambition to rise to the top of her profession.