Personal consultation covering (among other things) love, relationships, finances, spiritual matters and relocations. Lasts up to 30 mins.



A personal consultation that gives you the opportunity to ask 2-3 questions on topics like, including love, relationships, finances, spiritual matters and relocations. Depending on your questions, I may also use Tarot cards. Consultation lasts up to 30 mins. Via Zoom or Face Time. I can record the session on Zoom if desired.

I also accept Paypal: [email protected]

For an astrology reading I will require your Date, Time and Place of Birth. Once you have paid I will send you an email requesting these details and your questions.


Private Readings & Consultations

Should be deemed as for entertainment purposes only and may offer insight and guidance. Services are offered with genuine and sincere purposes but you are respectfully reminded that astrology and/or clairvoyance may not give you the results (which cannot be guaranteed) or the answers that you seek. What you do with the guidance is entirely your free will and as such your own responsibility. If you are seeking Legal, Financial, Medical or Health (including mental) and Fertility advice then the appropriate professionals should be consulted. Using these services shows acceptance of these terms and that you are over the age of 18.