Putin’s Astrology

As catastrophe unfolds in the Ukraine, most of us have already started to suspect that this invasion is not just a disaster for millions of people (including the Russian soldiers sent to fight) but it is also going to turn against Vladimir Putin in the longer term. His chart below points to the same conclusion.

Saturn is applying strong pressure on the career point (his Midheaven). Saturn = limitations and restrictions. So it is going to be putting a major break on his ambitions. This pressure from Saturn is building up, not dissipating, and will be even stronger around 22 March to 12 April, when it peaks. I am guessing something will happen in that period (or shortly after) that changes the current international political dynamic.

To make matters worse for Putin, Saturn is also conjuncting his South Node, which will amplify the resistance to his plans which is unfolding internationally and domestically. And then on top of that, Saturn is still forming a wide but uncomfortable square to Uranus. So that aspect will be bringing in unforeseen problems.

Behind his inscrutable Scorpio Rising mask Putin will be feeling under enormous psychological pressure right now.

In the middle of June 2023, Uranus will hit 21 degrees and be exactly squaring his career point. Uranus brings sudden and unpredictable change. It will soon be bringing some form of shake-up to his presidency. As unbelievable as it seems at the moment, it is very possible that Putin could be forced to resign around June 2023. Because Uranus is in Putin’s 7th House, it would be an “open enemy” (i.e. someone he knows) who could oust him.

The chart for Putin’s long and emotional speech about Ukraine to the Russian people 21 Feb 2022. The tight Grand Trine in this chart, in the element of Water reflects how emotional the speech was. The Trine also shows that in Russia it was generally well received. The Head of State (Sun), a majority of the people (the Moon) and the government (10H MC) were all in harmony on this topic. This is no longer the case.