USA Forward Look: 2021…and Beyond

The USA is entering the most dramatic four-year period in its history since perhaps the Civil War. From 2021-2024 it has at least 2 MAJOR transformative transits in its chart. Neither are gentle.

The first is a Pluto Return. Pluto takes approximately 248 years to do a complete circuit of a birth chart, and in Feb 2022 (using astrologer Peter Novak’s US Liberty Natal Chart) completes the circuit in Capricorn, in the US’s Second House, where it started in 1776.

Pluto is death, intense transformation and rebirth. Capricorn is government and power structures. Pluto will pull the USA down to the Underworld and the very Soul of America will be recast. In US politics there is going to be a ferocious life and death struggle over the power structures and government. Without wishing to slip into hyperbole, it appears that the future of democracy is going to truly be on the line. In the process of this unfolding battle, the US economy and the nation’s “self-esteem” (both Second House areas) will take a massive (temporary) hit.

The second is Pluto crossing the USA’s natal Moon. This begins in earnestin June 2022 and Pluto finally passes over it in February 2023. The Moon represents the people. The people are going to be subjected to a bit of an ordeal while Pluto passes overhead. This will culminate in a major political crisis in the middle of 2023. There is a foreign enemy that is going to continue to fuel the divisions and will significantly profit (economically and politically) while the USA is distracted and suffering. I don’t need to spell out who this is.

During 2020, Pluto was slowly but inexorably forming a difficult opposition to Mercury in the US chart. Pluto represents Big Tech and dominant business interests; Mercury is speech and independent thinking. Big Tech has shaped the rise of censorship and the cancel culture. Lots of truths have simply not been reported. In 2021, Pluto slowly stops opposing Mercury / speech – and cracks in the censorship will slowly start to appear. It will become harder and harder to cover up these big and deeply uncomfortable truths.

The battle for power begins right now in 2021 as the path is being set for this difficult rebirthing. Expect nothing to be settled politically even once the new Administration is inaugurated. None of the above reflects my personal political opinions – I am just stating what I see in the astrology.

I also see that America will rise from this! Once Pluto has pulled down the old it will support the rise of the new. America will ultimately be stronger, driving a global economic “Roaring Twenties” in the middle and latter part of the 2020s. But it is going to be a very rocky next few years.

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