Covid-19 pt 1: Did the stars give us forewarning?

I hope this blog finds every reader healthy and safely tucked up in their homes catching up on some long overdue “me time”: maybe you’re catching up with a good book, finally watching that show on Netflix or just finding some time to finally start meditating!

The speed and the impact of the Coronavirus has taken the globe by surprise. The press (at least here in the UK) is full of bleak stories and sobering predictions, and I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people are in shock at how rapidly “normal life” as we knew it has vanished. In the middle of this emotional blizzard, many spiritually minded people are asking themselves: Was there any forewarning? What’s going on in the sky at the moment? And, most importantly: How long will all this last? This blog takes a quick run at answering the first of those questions with a subsequent blog picking up the second and third questions.

Was there any Forewarning?

I don’t know of an astrologer (or intuitive counsellor) who predicted ahead of time a pandemic in 2020. No one I am aware of made a prediction with that level of specificity. However, every astrologer I came into contact with or listened to in the back end of 2019 knew that some big X Event was on the horizon for 2020. Whatever the X event was going to be, the astrological consensus was that it would involve huge economic disruption and social upheaval of some kind across much of the globe.

How did astrologers know this?

Quite simply because they could see that in January 2020 a rare astrological phenomenon was going to take place: Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter would all be moving into the same area of the sky at the same time.

Two planets in the same space of sky at the same time is called a conjunction. Conjunctions are highly significant because the energies of the two planets are merged, causing amplified and dramatic effects on individuals and societies.

But here we are talking about the merging in January 2020 of not two, but THREE planets into a conjunction. And not just any three planets: three of the most intense archetypes individuals and societies can be subjected to.

The Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter Triple Conjunction 

You have Pluto, the planet of immense power, death and regeneration, being joined by Saturn the Grand Taskmaster and lord of Karma, and by Jupiter the expansive King of the Gods.

Astrologers look to Saturn and Pluto to predict dramatic and highly disruptive change. While astrologers usually perceive Jupiter as more beneficial, its shadow side is the manifestation of extreme and excessive behaviour. Each planet on their own is dynamite; cram them together into the same space in the sky and you go nuclear.

Even if you don’t know the specifics of what is coming down the pipe, if you meld these archetypes together you can start to piece together a pretty descriptive picture:

  • Some immensely powerful and disruptive forces will be unleashed globally (Pluto)
  • These will impose considerable limitations on freedom (Saturn), and strip away all extraneous and frivolous activity (Saturn).
  • They will cause fear and panic but also renewed understanding of one’s deep inner resourcefulness (Pluto)
  • They will release a lot of repressed rage against the authorities and powers that be that have been lying or not serving the people with their hearts (Pluto)
  • The changes to our routines and to our inner emotional pathways will become the global zeitgeist shaping change in months and years to come (expansive Jupiter)

Astrologers also had another detail: the Triple Conjunction was taking place in Capricorn. The constellation of the Goat is the sign of money making, wealth, power, and “social elites”. So whatever was going to take place in 2020 was going to involve major disruption on the money markets, to business and to the powerful elites. Uncomfortable truths were going to be revealed, people’s true character in a crisis come through, big money was going to be threatened and powerful figures or regimes were going to be blindsided by events moving at unforeseeable pace.

You can see why astrologers were on hyper-alert over 2018 and 2019: they knew something mega was coming, and many were calling it the “Coming Era of the Great Transformation”.

If You Want to Make God Laugh Tell Him Your Plans

As a last note, I’ll say that in my experience being forewarned by the astrology has been helpful. As New Year arrived, I suspected that at least some of my plans for 2020 could be significantly delayed or even permanently shelved (even though I hoped they wouldn’t). And while that niggling amber flashing light in the back of my mind didn’t feel great, the advanced warning did give me a bit of extra time to cultivate  a sense of perspective, patience and acceptance of what could be. I have still been amazed, as I think most people are, by the speed of events. I have still felt the same frustration that almost everyone feels that their routines and plans and aspirations have had to be put on hold. But I am in a place right now where, as I watch 2020 unfold, I know that these events are being driven by Higher Forces, that they are being signalled by the planets, and that, crucially, the planets are saying that nothing, not even covid-19, lasts forever. That is just one of the many valuable insights astrology has given me.

Join me for Part 2, where I’ll be looking at where we are astrologically right now, and where I think we are going next.

(First published March 2020)