Covid-19 Pt 2: The Sky Right Now and Predictions

Astrology has a lot to say about what is going on in the world right now. The position of the planets in the sky is telling us how far this crisis has progressed and how much further we may have to go. So for those of you who are interested, here is a quick guide to what is going on in the sky right now, why it matters, and how long I think Covid-19 could last.

This is the second part of an astrology-related blog on Covid-19. If you haven’t already done so, I advise you to read Covid-19 Pt 1: Did The Stars Give Us Forewarning? first to become familiarised with the idea of the Triple Conjunction and its impact on Covid-19.

The Sky Right Now and the Short Term

So the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Triple Conjunction which lined itself up in January is, at the time of writing (March 2020), still in place.

In fact, in the skies above us there is actually a quadruple conjunction: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, all tightly nestled together, have recently been joined by Mars the god of War and conflicts (Mars is at exactly 22 degrees, the same as Jupiter).

So why does this matter? Because as an astrologer, I am interested in patterns and causality. As I outlined in the first Covid-19 blog, my knowledge of the coming Triple Conjunction alerted me back in 2019 to expect something big for 2020. Although unique in the way it is playing itself out, this virus is typical of the disruptive, paradigm-changing, socio-economic-political mega-event I would expect to see when the major archetypal energies of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter combine.

Having established this causality, I would now expect that coming changes in the sky would therefore signal equivalent changes, and hopefully improvements, to circumstances here on the globe. And in fact, this is what I believe is going to happen soon.

The existential angst caused globally by Saturn and Pluto is – temporarily – being amped up by Mars as everyone’s survivor instincts kick in (the Mars energy). I think some of the scenes we have seen here in the UK recently of shoppers fighting over toilet rolls and pasta are very much connected with Mars arriving on the scene.  But this Quadruple conjunction is shortly going to start separating.

Mars moves off the scene pretty quickly and by April is racing away, leaving the other three permanently. Perhaps more significantly, by the end of the March, Saturn will have slowly started to separate from Pluto and moved into Aquarius. The Triple Conjunction – while not broken – will be more stretched out and hopefully less potent.

This tells me we will adapt to this crisis and some of its intensity will have dissipated by the end of April.

How Much Longer?

Most people want to know: how long will this situation with the lock-downs and social distancing last?

The short answer is I think that we will be grappling with this virus situation off and on for most of 2020.

As I said above, the big three planets will start separating in April.  And with that movement, and a diminishing in planetary intensity, I think things will ease a little for a time. I think people across the globe will adapt to the situation, and there may even be some positive social and economic developments. Some businesses may partially re-open, some restrictions may be lifted and the mood generally will lift.

But I think this respite will be short lived. Over June and July Saturn and Jupiter will gradually start closing up again to Pluto. So once again, the situation will regain its intensity and people will feel like “things are deteriorating again”. We may well see the re-imposition of lock downs in order to once again get on top of the situation.

It is only after October 2020, when I think we will be over the worst – at least the worst of the threat to human life posed by the virus. Jupiter and Saturn (which move faster than Pluto) finally begin to move away from Pluto for good. So it is my guess that by the end of the year, the most severe medical impacts of the Covid-19 will have played out and countries affected by Corona will be returning to some semblance of normality. However, I suspect the economic impact of the virus will still be playing out into 2021 and 2022 causing significant disruptions to parts of our economy.

In a third Covid-19 related astrology blog I will discuss the economic big picture and how the Triple Conjunction and Uranus in Taurus will revolutionise the global economy and monetary systems in the years ahead. Join me then.