Will Donald Trump Win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Does it really matter if there is a Democrat or a Republican in the Whitehouse? Does anything really fundamentally change? Probably not. The game is rigged and whoever gets in follows the corporate agenda – for the most part. But nonetheless many people are still passionately interested in US Presidential Elections. And with the most polarising President of recent times in office, and the election creeping up rapidly now, it feels like time to ask: “Will Donald Trump Win the 2020 Presidential Election?”

At the time of writing (June 2020) It’s not been the easiest few months for the US President or the US as a whole. There has been a lot of criticism within the US of President Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis (127,000 deaths at the time of writing and predictions that it could rise far higher). His handling of the Black Lives Matter movement did not set the right tone, and did not bring the country together. And his first rally at Oklahoma was a disappointment. So there has been a growing sense of optimism amongst Democrats in the US that Joe Biden can win this one. Recent polling has shown Biden leading in 20 Swing State Polls (see Forbes news report: shorturl.at/pyDMT).

But what is the astrology saying?

Well to keep this short and sweet for the non-astrologers out there who just want the headlines: I think Donald Trump is going to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

For those with an astrological background or who just want to know more, I’ll explain why. Let’s start with the Horary Chart I drew up based on the question “Will Trump Win The 2020 Election?”:

Before I even cast the chart, I felt that Trump was more likely to win. So for that reason, and because he is the subject of the question, I have put in him the First House and Biden as his opponent in the Seventh. Looking at the chart, here is what I pieced together:

  • The Moon (the people) is in Trump’s First House, in Leo: That’s powerfully symbolic. By November, POTUS will have the backing of the majority of the people (however slender that majority).
  • Saturn is in Biden’s House in Aquarius: Saturn, fundamentally, is a malefic planet in Horary questions and reduces the advantage of the House it falls in. Saturn’s association with Biden tells me he won’t succeed. However, Saturn feels at home in Aquarius and it is Retrograding, which speaks to a mitigation of some of the usual potency of Malefic Saturn. So I feel the nature of the defeat will not be crushing. It will be extremely close between the two candidates.
  • The Sun (First House Ruler) does not aspect the Moon: This doesn’t look very promising for President Trump. However – Biden doesn’t have any applying aspects of value either. Neither candidate is overwhelmingly appealing to the electorate.
  • The Moon Opposes Saturn: Ok, this aspect is no longer applying. But it feels to me that some voters might change their minds about Biden at the last minute but it will be too little, too late. The opposition might also signify a delay in the results being announced.
  • Mercury in 12 House: The younger voters (generally more Democrat leaning) feel like their voice isn’t being heard.
  • The First House (Trump’s) is a Fixed Sign (Leo): Fixed sign = fixity. So I don’t think Trump is going anywhere. There is also one final little clue –
  • Uranus in the 10H: the planet of disruption, sudden changes, unpredictability and individuality is nestled right next to the Midheaven in the 10th House of government and leadership. Mr Uranian Unpredictability – does that sound like Biden to you? Nope, I didn’t think so either.

Putting all those indicators together, I don’t think this is going to be an easy election for Trump by any means. The lack of an aspect between his Sun and the Moon tells me he really is disconnected from the people right now. However, come November, when push comes to shove, the US electorate will decide that his opponent is even weaker, and even more unappealing, and “Trumpzilla” will squeak back in.

Coda: Zodiacal Releasing

There are other astrological techniques beside Horary to make election predictions, and one of these, from Hellenistic times, is called Zodiacal Releasing. This technique divides up our life into chapters, each with an allotted number of years, and some of which are more powerful and fated than others. Comparing Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing path with Joe Biden’s, we see the following (I am grateful to astrologer William Stickevers for pointing this out):

In March this year, just in time for the election, Trump moved into a very powerful Aquarius (L2) period which will last until September 2022. So Trump will have a lot of personal potency during this election period.

Joe Biden is seven years into a powerful Scorpio chapter of his life which runs until 2028. However the full power of this chapter is dampened because Scorpio’s Ruler, Mars, is a malefic in his chart. He will also be entering a weaker Pisces L2 period in October 2020, just before the election. This Pisces L2, which runs until September 2021 is a period of Endings. This does not auger him having the energy to dislodge Trump.

So the Zodiacal Releasing technique seems to confirm the Horary. Trump will win it.